Care Tips

To keep tarter on the teeth at bay, I recommended brushing the cat's teeth with CET poultry flavored toothpaste with a tiny toothbrush. They seem to tolerate the toothbrush over the finger brush which is quite large for their mouths. They love the taste of the tootpaste and think it's a treat though it can be a challenge when it's on the toothbrush though they do learn to tolerate it.

All the cats/kittens that are placed have been trained to sisal scratching posts. I've never had a problem with any cats or kittens scratching what they shouldn't. I trim their nails about once a month.

A weekly combing with a steel comb is a good idea to keep mats from forming though few Somalis mat. It depends on their coat type. A minimum of a twice yearly bath (especially during the shedding season) will help keep shedding to a minimum. For an idea for a show quality bath click the following link and search for Somali Show bath. The full bath isn't necessary for maintenance but is nice for taking photos or if you're thinking of showing.

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